Right-wing parties lead in school election


Here’s the national figures for yesterday’s school election (change from 2007 school election in brackets):

Labour – 23.8% (+2.6)
Progress Party – 23.7% (+2.6)
Conservatives – 16.3% (-1.2)
Socialist Left – 10.4% (-0.4)
Liberals – 6.0% (+1.0)
Centre Party – 5.7% (-1.5)
Red – 4.8% (-1.9)
Christian People’s Party – 3.7% (-0.1)

Full details here (http://www.samfunnsveven.no)

Which gives a total of 44.7% for the three governing parties + Rødt and 49.7% for the four main non-socialist parties.

When the Green Party (who got 1.2% nationally) are included the left has a small majority in Oslo. They also come first in Northern Norway and Trøndelag, get a small majority in Oppland, Hedmark and Telemark, and a huge majority in Sogn og Fjordane. The right by contrast come far ahead in Rogaland, Hordland, Møre og Romsdal, Sørlandet and most of the areas directly east, south and west of Oslo (ie. Vestfold, Østfold and Buskerud). Worryingly the neo-nazi party Vigrid received 4% in Buskerud (the only county where they’re standing) and in one school where they participated in a debate they received 10% of the vote.

While the overall results don’t seem too much different from 2007 they do differ quite a lot from the one held at the time of the last Stortingsvalg in 2005. Then the results were reversed and the left was ahead with over 50%. The party to have lost out the most are the Socialist Left who declined to just over 10% from the 16.6% they received in 2005. Socialist Youth leader Mali Steiro Tronsmoen on Dagsnytt 18 explained that young people like to support the opposition and that inevitably her party has suffered by being part of the government (and as the junior partner not being as successful in getting their policies through as their supporters would have liked).

Also down are the right-wing Progress Party who in 2005 were the largest party in the school election with 25.2%. This is perhaps further evidence to suggest that the Progress Party is not going to do nearly as well in Monday’s election as they would have hoped (and as the polls had been suggesting they would for much of the last few years).



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One Response to “Right-wing parties lead in school election”

  1. Hanssi Says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying Frp is a right-wing party. In Norway it is, but in the US it’s left-wing even compared to the democratic party…
    In the US it would even be called a socialist party…

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